Friday, 7 March 2014

Week in Review

I haven't been writing because I've been busy making.  This week held some fails, some challenges, lessons learned and some really neat explorations.

I finally got to try torch painting...AWESOME!!!  I love it and the colors you can get.  I won't be including any pictures because they may go in my bead soup Just in case, Mum's the word.  It's definitely a lot of fun and will be a frequent activity I suspect.
The biggest challenge I had this week is a piece I absolutely love and still haven't finished.  I'm at a stuck point.  Again, I can't show it either because I really hope I solve the issue so I can send it to my partner.  I really love it and it was lots of fun and easy enough to do until I got stuck.  The last step has been attempted and failed for three nights in a row!  So I'm getting lots of experience in what doesn't work. LOL  Once I get it, I'm definitely going to make a few more. I love it that much!
I took a much needed break from it all and spent today with a childhood friend who's recently discovered the joys of jewelry making.  We drank tea, and I showed her how to do a bit of wire weaving and Viking knit. She was glad to learn a couple of new techniques and was looking forward to putting them into practice. Bonus! It's so nice that we can share this passion, it's added another dimension to our relationship that I quite enjoy.
We decided to hit a few bead stores and stopped for lunch on the way and ran into my hubby and grandson at the restaurant. What are the chances of that?  The four of us visited and laughed over a lingering lunch, then Sue and I went to indulge in all things beady. Yay for bead therapy and good friends!
We capped the day off with a nice dinner at the local pub.  I had a really nice day that restored my determination to work on my project again tonight.  Alas, still no success.  Maybe next time.

Tomorrow will be spent with another dear friend at the garden show in Toronto so that should be another great day.  I love my garden and I treasure my times with Cindy.  We share three passions; good books, gardening and 'crafts'. I enjoy her creativity and verve, her energy is contagious.  On that note, I best consider slumber at this point, so I can fully enjoy our time tomorrow.
Have a great weekend!

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

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