Monday, 24 February 2014

Summer Dreamin'

 Surely this beautiful Highbush Cranberry sleeping under a blanket of snow in my back yard just last week is as anxious for the warm days of summer as I am.

I love this bush in all it's seasons.Right now, it's so pretty with it's red berries. I was admiring the picture this morning when I recalled another picture I took of it last spring.  I remember thinking back then how in the twilight, the blooms made it look like it was covered in snow. So I dug out the picture and that started me dreaming of summer and looking through all the garden pictures and then the seed catalogs. Ah, yes summer will come. It won't be too much longer.
     In the meantime this little beauty has inspired me to make a necklace that will remind of how pretty it looked with its red berries and soft white mantle.  Stay tuned! :)


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